Quick path update.

P8 > Arris Modem 12v > AQ Diamond > Eeros Router > AQ Diamond > AQ Vox SE > 15M Belden 1303 Catsnake Cat 6/Ghent > P3 > Gigafoil > AQ Diamond > Aurender N10

Note: Two other A/V home systems are also connected to the AQVoxSE bringing awesome results in sound and in picture quality - running all similar cable has its benefits, the Diamonds are killing it!

Then I went from the AQVox SE > AQ Vodka > to a cheap Netgear switch powered by LPS.

There are a few cameras and the video game room on this switch.

Honestly I could care less about this path, but then I ran a second 6 gauge solid copper grounding cable and the difference was not subtle, and now I’m talking the whole enchilada. What’s the whole enchilada? I mean everything in the house that is connected with Cat 5/6.

I may be off but I’m thinking plugging into the Netgear from the AQVox SE provided the benefits stated up in my previous comments, but the signals are going both ways bringing back noise contamination to the AQVox SE for a lack of better term, and component grounding the Netgear out despite receiving electrical ground from the LPS closed yet another loop.

The audio background became darker than dark, no loss to detail or sound quality on the 2 channel and all the TV blacks are blacker and other colors sharper.

This does not even make sense, but I can clearly hear and see the difference and not I’m imagining or wanting change, and there are no drugs or drink used in this experiment, conducted strictly out of being curious.


As I said before run a 6 gauge copper grounding wire to your switch, flatten one end using a press or simply beat it with a hammer and drill a hole assuming the switch has a grounding port. Run it to the main water pipe and connect with a brass connecting clamp (both available at a hardware store) unless you can get outdoors to a rod in earth - so easy to do, and for those that are not clear this is passive, so it’s not running with hot and neutral wire, two different types of ground.

Cost is less than a dollar per foot, the return is at 100 times, you can also use less gauge but not sure the quality path you will get.

And remember, for those of you that are half assed tinkerers like me, you get the self satisfaction of the Hobby part of this crazy thing we call Audio!

Enjoy Your Sound, Enjoy Summer!