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    Re: Are subwoofers bad for music?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Peabody View Post
    This may help you...

    I'd have to find a white paper or something to explain motor structure etc. I don't feel that helpful at this point, LOL Just out of time.
    I've read that absolute sound article before and the 2nd article couldn't have said it better. I 100% agree and the author seems to also agree that "fast" and "slow" bass have nothing to do with speed and there are many different possible causes for this perception.

    "Fast" or "slow" bass is not the right terminology. The author describes poor integration between midrange and woofer causing distortion. He emphasizes this has nothing to do with the woofer's quality but moreso to do with the integration or mismatches between the amplifiers. I'd also add that resonances and amplifier clipping can cause this perception.

    Actually reading that article really points how absurd it is what REL has written on their webpage.

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    Re: Are subwoofers bad for music?

    "Wooly", which I can hear from an amp into a 2 way speaker let alone a sub, "loose" like wrong way with lefty loosy & righty tighty, not the neighbor when you were a young-un but someone did the "nut" up wrong way huh, relaxed, not-coherent, un-resolving.... sounds like the mother in-laws logic, bit fuzzy.....
    Come on! Most of the guys on this site have enough credibility & experience to be able to hear the difference between room & speed of delivery,....
    If you can't, it's alright.....

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    Re: Are subwoofers bad for music?

    Certainly, many spkrs can play down to the 20-40hz range and you can “hear” that, but with properly integrated subs (at least two) that same range is a totally different experience, not even close.

    At THAT point its personal preference imho. Much of that integration has so much to do with the room + acoustics, which inevitably is the most difficult freq range to deal with. Do it right, no comparison. Do it wrong, ewe.

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