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Maybe, maybe not. I suspect these two will sound significantly different. I know the A3 and the S3 MkII do. To my ears the S3 MkII, with its diamond tweeter, has a more refined sound. On the other hand, the A5, with its third woofer, may have an edge in dynamics, as befits a speaker designed to excel in home theater applications.
I agree. The refinement as you move up the Magico line just gives your more in terms of resolution and clarity.

Perhaps they are taking the German sedan approach ; offering 3 tiers.

Base (3 Series) Middle ( 340M) -> M3

A4 -> S4 -> RS4

You get the idea. Even at the base model you get a hell of a car and that BMW/Audi "Experience" if you will.

As you move up the line, more refinement, more precision but, that comes at a cost.

Likewise with an M3/RS4 you don't put cheap tires (Cables) or put regular gas in it (Emotiva amplifier )

Etc. you get the point lol