I don't know the 3.3's so don't know what to say? Your logic makes sense, you liked the previous dane's so who wouldn't expect the newer model to be an improvement. Here's the catch, we get used to what our old speakers do/did better than the rest and often in the quest for sonic perfection companies engineer the personality out of the speakers.(not saying thats the case here). I, personally, gave up and got off the merry go round. picking speakers only to spend years and thousands on component matching, screw that. Buy used, compare prices, and when you find the pair you like either keep the used pair or sell them to finance a new pair in the finish you want. Over the last 5 years I went thru a half dozen full range floorstanders, getting to spend as much time as I wanted and i'm only out the gas and driving time after reselling them. I think it takes months to really get to know the sound of a pair of speakers, the rest of the time is inching them around the room while playing different tracks. Good luck brother.