Excellent Alex! These are the baffle, curved tweeter section and hex thing behind the tweeter. Much look forward to hearing your thoughts. The Mojo is really stunning for getting every piece of information out of the recording. Itís very fast and totally changes the timing of sounds compared to Contour. In a good way. Very true to a live performance with no frequency hikes for added but fake performance. The bass also incredible for its size. But I find that unless I play a little louder it can sound a bit boxey. Not as big a stage as Contour. Maybe because Mojo isnít fully broken in - maybe 40hrs so far. Or because it is a small box and not a big floorstander. Still outperforms itís size though. And the materialisation is so strong it can still be a little fatiguing in long sessions. Confidence isnít like that but I fear it wonít have the same speed as Mojo. Contours overhang on notes is quite beautiful but lacks dynamism in music that should excite. Confidence brings the musicians into the room more. I guess if I really want to know I need to get the 30ís back in for another demo. What I would love to know from you is difference between 30 and 50. I could maybe stretch to 50 if there was more resolution in the lower frequencies. I found the 30 a bit too light in this area. The 50 is just a few hz lower than 30 and Iím surprised the cabinet is slimmer - but taller. Main question is does the 50 give more body than the 30? Thanks!!