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    Re: Accuphase Class A vs. Class A/B

    Quote Originally Posted by Vladimir View Post
    Hi tmokbel.

    In your experience which is the best Accuphase integrated amp that can be bought second hand under $5000?

    Glad to have you on the forum.


    Hello Vlad,

    If using the Accuphase integrated to power the BMW CM1's, I would look at one of the higher powered integrated amps. The CM1's from the specs have a reasonable impedance of 8ohms (minimum 5), but are quite inefficient at 84db. You need an amp with headroom that will not be restricted by the B&W's inefficiency. Either the E-450 / E-460 should do the trick.

    The class A integrated amps certainly have their charms, but inefficient speakers need watts. The laws of physics and electrical engineering are well documented and applies no less to the audiophile world.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Accuphase Class A vs. Class A/B

    anyone who can comment on Accuphase A vs. A/B in the context of Magnepan speakers? Thank you

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