We have released LUMIN Firmware 12 to add the multi-room feature, which allows loosely synchronized playback of music among several LUMIN or Songcast-compatible players (e.g. Linn).

- Any LUMIN model can be a 'Receiver'
- LUMIN X1 / T2 / D2 / U1 / U1 MINI / M1 can all be 'Senders' (the reason other models cannot be a sender was that they do not possess enough processing power)

An interesting technical aspect of our implementation is that a LUMIN sender model can perform MQA Core decoding ("first unfold") or DSD to PCM transcoding before sending to Linn players via Songcast protocol. This is noteworthy because Linn does not support MQA, and old Linn players did not support DSD.

Release notes and usage instructions on our web page should be up shortly.

A convenience switching feature is also added to LUMIN M1 for the RCA input. You may now use the LUMIN iOS app or Linn Kazoo app to switch its input to RCA. It could also be done by standby / wakeup or re-plugging in the RCA input module.

This marks 7 years of firmware upgrade since the original LUMIN (December 2012).