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    Re: Nyquist MK II DAC

    Quote Originally Posted by Ctsooner View Post
    guys, I have no skin in the game other than owning one, but the Laufer Teknik DAC will be as good or better. Two box solution. Mine is prototype as I stated above and it already sounds better than the Chord Dave and Ayre QX5/20 (I just sold mine and it's outstanding also). You can customize it with whatever caps you want etc.. It's a tubed DAC that is fully balanced. If you want to get in touch with Sam Laufer, let me know. Lot's of great options right now.
    I wasn’t clear, are you saying you own a Brinkmann, if so, MK I or II? Also, what did you just sell?

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    Re: Nyquist MK II DAC

    LOL...sorry, that's the MS. I just sold my Ayre QX5/20 DAC. I have extensive auditioning with the Nyquist and also the mk2. Wonderful products that I would probably own if I didn't go with the Laufer Teknik DAC that I currently own in prototype form. Mark and Sam are making a major upgrade already by making it a two box unit and upgrading many of the components. Mark is a genius (literally) and has a great ear for audio. His software is ground breaking stuff (in his server). feel free to read up on it on their website.
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