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    Lumin 10th Year Anniversary Firmware Update

    Firmware 15.2 for all 13 Lumin network player / transport models launched in the past 10 years have been released. This is the 10th year anniversary firmware update for our original model A1 launched in December 2012.

    LUMIN - Firmware Release Notes
    Peter Lie
    LUMIN Firmware Lead

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    Re: Lumin 10th Year Anniversary Firmware Update

    Congratulations!! For many more years. I am a lover of this great company.

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    Re: Lumin 10th Year Anniversary Firmware Update

    Quote Originally Posted by Andik777 View Post
    Congratulations!! For many more years. I am a lover of this great company.
    Me, too! Lumin has got it goin' on!

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    Re: Lumin 10th Year Anniversary Firmware Update

    Congratulations! Having owned several Lumin components over the years, I can certainly appreciate their innovations, quality, sound and customer support.


    Amplification: MBL 6010D, MBL 9008A Monos
    Analog: Kuzma R, Kuzma 4Point (11”), MSL Ultra Eminent EX
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    Speakers: MBL 101E MKII
    Subwoofers: REL Carbon Specials
    Conditioner: Shunyata Triton 3
    Power Cables: Shunyata Sigma 1 & 2, Alpha 2, Delta and Venom
    ICs and SCs: Wireworld Platinum 8
    Rack: Artesania Exoteryc

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    Re: Lumin 10th Year Anniversary Firmware Update

    Thanks. I downloaded the update and everything is working fine now. For me, the upload process was not seamless. I got a message similar to "network connection not found," and then my U2 Mini shut off completely. I toggled the power switch, the unit powered back up, and then it worked fine. But I was worried for a little bit. Should I be powering off and then on for every update? I've had my U2 for only six weeks. I love the sound and app ... so much that I have another coming from Mike!

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    Re: Lumin 10th Year Anniversary Firmware Update

    Fabulous company without peer...
    Listening Room: 25' L x 18' W x 23' H..system on the long wall
    Speakers: Tidal 'Contriva Diacera-SE
    Amps: Chalice Audio 'Grail' SET mono blocks with Psvane WE 845 / 300b tubes
    Source: Lumin X-1 Network Music Player
    HighFidelity MC-1 Pro Helix conditioner
    Audience-Studio One RCA interconnect
    SilverSmith 'Fidelium' speaker cables
    Silent Source 'Music Reference' Power Cords x 3
    Innuos 'PhoenixNet' Switch

    Audioquest 'fog lifters' under the Fidelium cables
    Arya Audio-RevOpods under my Tidal Speakers
    REL 212 SE Subwoofer x 2
    Nordost V2 ethernet cable

    EVP Isolation footers- subs-speakers- Lumin

    Stillpoints Ultra SS under amps
    EVP HDR isolators 2" x 8...under my Lumin A1 and PSU
    EVP HDR isolators 4" x 16..under my Tidal speakers and my REL 212 SE subs

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Lumin 10th Year Anniversary Firmware Update

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