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    Wannabe Audiophile

    Hey all,

    Fellow music lover here. Have enjoyed all types of music my entire life. I have used music as a way to communicate stages / feelings in my life as well as mark significant moments.

    I’ve always wished I could play an instrument, but alas, never fulfilled that dream so I find myself living vicariously through the music…

    As I enter the second part of my life I now have the means to build a budget audiophile system. Such as,

    Fiber connections
    Hifi Rose 250b
    Holo May DAC
    ModWright pre w/separate PS
    ModWright KVA150
    ModWright phono stage w/separate PS
    EAT C Sharp
    Focal Sopra n1
    SVS subs
    Some marantz bits with GlodenEar for home theater
    A few linear power supplies, cables and balanced inter connects

    Thanks for sharing all your experience….

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    Re: Wannabe Audiophile

    Welcome to AS!
    Main System - Lumin U1, Modwright LS36.5 DM Preamp, LSA modded LSA Voyager Amp, EMM Labs DAC 2X (ver. 2), Torus RM-20, Thiel CS 3.7s, 2 Rel S/812 subs
    Back-up 1 - Premium Audio mini Gan Amp, Oppo 103D, 2 Richard Gray cond, Selah SA-2s, Sumiko S5 sub, Teac UD-503 DAC, Carver (modded) C-9
    Back-up 2 - Onkyo TX-NR797, Panasonic DP-UB9000, Vansevers cond, B&W P6s, PowerSoundAudio S1500 sub

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    Re: Wannabe Audiophile

    Hello & welcome. You have a nice setup
    Aurender ACS10 w/Audioquest Diamond USB,
    Mark Levinson #526, 532h, JBL 4367's
    Clearaudio Performance DC w/Maestro cart
    Clarus Concerto & their Crimson cables

    HT: Marantz AV8003, Linn 5125, JBL SAM3ha, Revel s30,
    SVS PC13 Ultra
    Transparent, Analysis Plus & Tributaries. PS Audio filtering
    Sony XBR-75X940D & BDP
    Parasound P6, Coda CSX, Artisan speakers

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    Re: Wannabe Audiophile

    Welcome !
    2chl : Pass Xa-30.5, W4S STP, Kef 201/2, KEF 140, Vapor Breeze, Lumin, VPI Classic, Manley Chinook, Bryston CD, BHA-1, HD650, HD800s, HD820's, Dan Clark 1.1, Focal Stellia, OPPO 203, 105.

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    Re: Wannabe Audiophile

    welcome, some people have an ear and can just pick up an instrument. My moms side of the family all could pick up anything and start making music with it. I inherited their love of music but not their ear or touch and have,like you, always appreciated listening.
    KEF Blade, Hegel h590, rega jupiter, roon nucleus, revox tuner. Meridian dsp8000 se upgrade, meridian 218 zone controller VA Beethoven's, Hegel h360.

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    Re: Wannabe Audiophile

    Welcome, I'm sure you will enjoy your time here.
    Synology 1019D+ - SGC Sonictransporter I9 w Roon/HQ Player- UltraRendu- PBD Stream IF to Playback Designs MPS5 via fiber optic - ARC 40th Anniversary Pre - ARC 610 T's - Martin Logan CLX's - 4 Martin Logan Depth i Subs - Shunyata Hydra, DIY PCOCC interconnects, speaker cables and power cords with Furutech terminations. Audio Quest Vodka CAT 7's. Acoustically treated room with one permanent chair.

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    Re: Wannabe Audiophile

    Hello and welcome!

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    Re: Wannabe Audiophile

    I have the EAT C Sharp; Jozefina's gear equates to winningness.
    McInotsh MC75 (2) amps
    McIntosh C2500 pre
    Luxman 505Ux integrated to drive "B" Speakers
    EAT C Sharp with Ortofon Cadenza Blue
    TEAC SD1000/Yamaha SACD Blu Ray player
    Sonus Faber Olympica I
    dual Rythmik sealed subs
    AKG and Sennheiser phones
    Vintage Pioneer table and Kenwood 3 head tape deck
    Nitty Gritty RCM
    McIntosh, AQ, Nordost, and Cullen Cables
    Mytek Brooklyn DAC+/Sonare Ultra Rendu, SGC I transporter 5
    Tidal and Roon

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