This past February I flew out to Suncoast Audio to listen to the Fyne 702 and 502sp speakers as I am wanting to replace my Magnepan 1.6's as the wife is getting tired of having doors in the family room.

After hearing a pair of 702's at RMAF that had only 24 hours on them I was smitten, so when Mike became a dealer I decided to fly out to give them a listen once the were broken in. Fyne recommends 500 hours of breakin.

The 502sp's are a special edition of the 502's using the drivers and crossovers of the 702 in a 502 cabinet which is smaller and rectangular vs the larger tear dropped shape cabinets of the 702.

The 702 presents a huge soundstage with a large sweet spot that I estimate to be about 5 feet wide. It has a musical, full rich midrange with good texture. Bass digs deep and is well controlled. The top end is smooth and non fatiguing, but not as extended as some other speakers in this price. I found the speakers to be neutral with a bit of warmth. Fyne did an excellent job integrating the drivers as he sound was coherent and no driver drew attention to themselves.

The 502sp's have a similar sound but the midrange was not as full and bass was not quiet as deep. Every other aspect of the sound was similar to the 702's.

The electronics used were a Pass Integrated and an Aqua DAC. I don't remember the models.

I am still undecided on which speaker I am going to buy because I want to audition a pair of the new Monitor Audio 300 5G gold speakers. I was supposed to fly to St. Louis to audition them but COVID hit and I cancelled the trip. I was going to wait to post a review of all 3 speakers. It may be another 6 months to a year before I feel it is safe to fly. Or I may end up driving down before then.

I have been corresponding with someone that just replaced his Magnepan 3.6's with the MA's as he was in a similar situation as I. He loves the MA's better than the 3.6's. I am sure it will be a tough decision as I love the 702's and really like the 502sps.

By the way, it was a pleasure meeting Mike and I appreciate the time he took on a Sunday morning.