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February 5, 2014, 10:16 PM
TaraLabs The Omega Gold Speaker Cables
by Michael Bovaird - Audioshark.org

http://www.signals.co.za/cmsimages/Image/TaraLabs%20Pr.%20The%20Omega%20Gold%20speaker%20ca ble.jpg

I remember several years ago getting the opportunity to meet with the owners of a famous NASCAR racing team. We were pitching a software solution at the time and during the meeting, it was painfully obvious that the Mother of this racing team called the shots for her late husband and son. I remember during a break saying to her, “it must be so exciting to be in the business of racing cars.” She looked at me and said, “son, we are not in the racing business, we are in the advertising business.”

In high end audio, there are certainly a lot of “flavor of the month” brands and products. The audio marketing machine brings these flavors to us with regular flare. It is not an accident, that the most successful brands in this $200 million a year business are also the ones who are often the most successful at marketing and advertising. I’m not suggesting that these successful companies are in the marketing business first and audio second. They just know how to play both cards simultaneously well.

Digging back through the cobwebs that cloud my memory, I remember in the 70’s, 80’s and even into the 90’s, high end cables were met with much of the skepticism that a lot of audio voodoo like isolation is met with today.

However, something happened in the early 2000’s. It all of a sudden seemed that the audiophile collective realized cables do matter! During the entire decade it seemed that the next greatest cable was around the corner. The perpetual cable swapping on Audiogon gave even the most ardent audiophile a massive headache!

My first exposure to Tara Labs cables was in the late 90’s. Tara cables, even their entry level products, were something I could only dream of. I remember hearing products like the Tara Labs Isolated Shield Matrix “The Two” interconnects and speaker cables. In those days, those were the things I put on my “one day I will own” list, along with a red Ferrari, circa Magnum P.I. and a BIG 37 inch TV!

The Tara website states that Tara Labs has been known among audiophiles “…as a manufacturer whose cables set the performance standards and whose technological innovations and patents constantly advance the frontiers of the industry.”
Throughout much of the 2000’s, several of my audiophile friends continued to mention Tara Labs cabling as being the stalwarts of their great sounding systems.

Founded in Australia, Tara Labs has been making cables for almost 30 years. Their first product to be reviewed by an American Magazine was the Tara Labs Phase II Speaker Cable, reviewed by Stereophile in 1988.

That glowing review put Tara Labs on the map so much so that Tara Labs moved their operation to the U.S. that year (1988).

Throughout the 90’s, Tara Labs continued to innovate, bringing products like the Rectangular Solid Core cables, or RSC as they are known today. Tara Labs states that RSC cables are the only cables in the world to use” a solid, extruded conductors with a rectangular cross section. It is believed that these conductors improve on the performance of regular round solid core conductors by having the current-carrying capability (power) of a large conductor, combined with the frequency of linearity (musical accuracy of a small conductor.” RSC power cables have been in my system for quite a while now.


Fast forward to 2013. I was invited to a demonstration at Design Audio in Texas. I met with the owner David Baskin, a Tara Labs dealer. David had a broad range of cable products, but it was these particular Tara Labs The Omega Gold speaker cables he insisted I hear.

We first listened with a competing brand of similarly priced cable and then switched over to the Tara Labs The Omega Gold speaker cables. The difference was not subtle. It was equivalent to a component change. It was like a veil had been lifted.

Over the next few months, I kept thinking about those cables and the difference they made. I contacted David and he agreed to ship me his pair to try in my system. I had been using a variety of different speaker cables including WireWorld and AcousticZen.

From the first note, the first thing I noticed was how much wider and deeper the soundstage was. But even more significant was the space granted to each instrument and vocal. There was absolutely no smearing or edge which had been the characteristic of the WW cables and many other previous cables in my system.

Some cables on the market today deal with transients in a very forward, almost aggressive manner. Not so with the Omega Gold. The Omega cables handle transients with a delicate touch, especially with acoustic instruments. While listening to Oscar Peterson deliver his superb piano playing on Goodbye J.D., We Get Requests (Verve), I experienced the cables delicate touch with transients. A characteristic that is so important when emotionally connecting the listener to the music. At no point did the piano sound “hard” or “soft” – it only sounded right. In fact, I know that song well and it never sounded so good, so natural.

A great cable has the ability to extract the last little bit of information from the source, while never making it sound forced or hard. The Omega Gold cables handle decay with exemplary performance. Female vocals just hang in the air.

On the downside, the cables themselves are not very flexible, so if you need to go around a tight corner, you may want to look elsewhere. At their max flexibility, you can get more of a U shape. Even the pig tail ends are a little stiff to work with for angling a connection on to an amp.

These obstacles aside, I greatly appreciate the interchangeable ends on the speaker cables. Wide spade, standard spade, banana – are all options now. Brilliant!


Tara Labs is not a marketing company, they are a cable company to the core. They also aren’t a flash in the pan new kid on the block. Tara Labs has been around almost 30 years and are one of the most respected brands in high end audio.

I could go on and on about these cables and just how natural they sound, but I recognize that recommending $24,000/pair cables is a bit crazy. OK, not a bit…a lot. But if your system (and budget) are up to it, I definitely recommend an audition. Just be prepared to not want to give them up – ever.

After living with the cables for two months, I wasn’t about to let them leave. I had David order me a new pair. I have since added the TaraLabs 0.8 Interconnects and TaraLabs Zero Gold phono cable which I will review in another post. But for now, let’s just say the TaraLabs 0.8 IC’s have eliminated a lot of noise I was experiencing with my WireWorld IC’s. The phono cable is also noticeably cleaner and quicker sounding than my previous Furutech phono cable. Rounding out the DC loom of Tara Labs has taken my system to new heights.

I can now cross Tara Labs cables off my list. The Ferrari will have to wait.

February 5, 2014, 10:26 PM
Since when have you become a pro reviewer :P. Nice read Mike. Enjoy the cables.

February 5, 2014, 10:32 PM
Since when have you become a pro reviewer :P. Nice read Mike. Enjoy the cables.

Thanks Mike. In my next (professional) life, I'm going to enjoy what I do! :)

February 5, 2014, 11:15 PM
Great writeup, Mike!

February 6, 2014, 11:12 AM
Good job Mike !!

Tara Labs makes some excellent products, as we both have heard.

the professor
February 6, 2014, 12:55 PM
Reviewers make money? :)

Nice writeup.

Thanks Mike. In my next (professional) life, I'm going to enjoy what I do! :)

February 6, 2014, 01:37 PM
I met Mike through one of our dealers; David at Design Audio Video. We had spoken on the phone a few times to discuss TARA Labs cables.
This discussion continued when we met at the CES in Las Vegas this year. TARA Labs has been around for almost three decades and has had relationships with most of the top high-end audio magazine reviewers from around the world. Those relationships that were formed were based upon our mutual love of high-end audio, as well as the subsequent reviews that followed. As Mike and I sat and shared a beer at the CES show, it was incontrovertibly to see that he was indeed a genuine audiophile. Not just in his conspicuous love for this industry, but for his deep and impressive knowledge that he carries regarding the multiple facets of high-end audio. As always, I was very excited to hear that he decided to do a review of our Omega Gold speaker cables. After reading this review of our Omega Gold speaker cables, (which I am obviously very happy about) I find his remarks to be very accurate, and not just because I am involved with TARA Labs (I can imagine the rolling eyes on that statement, lol) It is mainly because I also use the Omega Gold cables in my own home system. (A well-received fringe-benefit from my involvement here at TARA) They are, well... amazing! Oh and yes, I also love the positive reviews which makes my job easier. But I will honestly say that even more important, is finding a fellow audiophile who loves this industry as much as I do. I truly respect all the cable manufacturers that are quite abundant today even though they are considered competition. I imagine all the NFL football teams who also are competitors on the field, yet share a mutual love and respect of the game. So keep on reviewing those audio components Mike, and to all you audiophiles out there; let's play ball!

Devon Scott
Vice President

February 6, 2014, 03:14 PM
Welcome to the forum Devon. Thank you so much for joining!

the professor
February 6, 2014, 03:18 PM
Welcome to AS! It's great to have manufacturers comment!

February 6, 2014, 03:26 PM
Hi Devon - good to see you here! Thanks for your kind words. I know Tara Labs has some very exciting things going on this year. Looking forward to it.

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February 6, 2014, 05:38 PM
Welcome Devon ! I know David love his Tara Labs cables, every time I'm at David's place I get to enjoy them too :woot:

September 6, 2014, 08:41 AM
Hi everyone!, I was not sure if I was still a member here, tried it out, wala!, I wanted to tell all of you, I personnally Know Devon scott of tara Labs since he first joined the Tara Team, he did not even have the title he holds now, up-on this relationship, we grew close, real close, as a matter of fact, Devon informed me of all the new models of tara labs a whole year before they even come out, they were still in developement, the new cables are the, Air Forte, Air Evolution with solo HFX grounding station, ISM on board 0.3, 0.3 with HFX station,The Evolution Zero interconnect with HFX station,and matching Evolution Omega speaker cables, Then the new flagship cable, The Evolution Grandmaster cables, and some news that is not yet on the Tara site, The Brand new power cords, there is the cobalt reference, the Omega power cord, and then the Grandmaster power cord, all of these are said to be a performance jump over the standard cobalt power cord, anyway, To conclude all this here, I have here at my house the Tara labs Cobalt with oyaide factory terminated IEC and plug power cord, The Zero Gold with HFX grounding station, and yes, you guessed it, The Tara labs Omega Gold speaker cables, cheers to all.

October 21, 2014, 01:44 PM
Great review! Seen you on some other forums! TARA Labs makes some great cables :happy:

Design Audio Video
October 21, 2014, 06:04 PM
Keep in mind that I have the grand master evolution speaker cable and interconnect in my shop if anyone wants to have a listen. Also zero evolution IC's and cobalt power cords

October 21, 2014, 09:26 PM
Like $42k for the 8ft Pr grand master evolution speaker cables. :weird:

October 23, 2014, 09:04 AM
Hi everyone, I read on the whatsbest forum from audiocrack who owns the Tara labs Grandmaster I/Cs and speaker cables the he took a tripoint line conditioner and hooked the ground from the Dual mono Grandmaster HFX floating ground station to the tripoint, and he believed that the tripoint bettered the cable, I am an absolute guru of Tara labs, I run all kinds of test, not beta, personal test and have answers that not even Tara would know, however in this case, I am sure Tara Knows the truth, they designed the ground station, In FACT, the duel HFX grounding station helped the tripoint product to sound noise free!, let's explore why?, I have here at my house the Zero Gold with HFX grounding station and Omega Gold speaker cables, The cobalt power cord with the up-graded oyaide terminations, also, I have the Tara The One with ISM on board and the matching, the one speaker cables, you need to know that the ISM on board is the controlled band width I/C, meaning the cerelex compound capsules are made onto the cable with-in the signal path, this means you are not suppose to or intend to use an out-side HFX grounding station on this interconnect, the experiment is as follows, I kept the omega gold speaker cables in the chain, took out the Zero gold I/c and put in place the One I/C with ISM on board in it's place, Ha!, By mistake I had left the HFX ground station in place with only the componet ground going from the station to the source componet, wow!, I told myself, I do not remember this, the One with ISM on board ever sounding so good with black back ground and clarity, I looked, an behold, the componet ground from the station was still hooked to the source componet, un-pluged the small componet ground jumper wire from HFX station, and all sound quality to a substantial turn of alot less performance, You need to know in this experiment, that in no way was the HFX ground station connected to the One with ISM on board I/C, conclusion of the matter is that the ground scheme on the HFX station for the zero Gold, or duel Grandmaster gound station is a completly different circuit all together, there is no way what so ever the tripoint product bettered the Grandmaster interconnect in any way, in fact, The duel mono block Grandmaster floating ground station bettered the tripoint product to be more noise free!, I am not a member of the whatsbest forum, so if anybody can go their, copy and past this to member audiocrack for his substantail mistake, you can find me on audiogon under cable forums, called Tara labs cables, or here on audioshark, I am not an employee of Tara, nor am I a dealer or beta tester, thankyou, and I hope this will benefit many, Happy listening to all!