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September 9, 2018, 11:15 AM
Actually I don't know in which forum I should put this but still - if this is not the right drawer i kindly ask moderator to place into correct one.
Anyhow this last weekend was purely a great HiFi weekend which I've spend with two phenomenal guys (Christoph & Norman). Beside listening to mine and Norms systems we managed to organize a visit to CH Precision and Stenheim and enjoy their super hospitality mixed with great sound and nice chat.
Pictures from the setups will follow but in nutshell first setup at CH Precision was: Magico M3 driven by entire stack of CH (M1, L1, C1, D1).
At Stenheim: Alumine 5 speakers, Nagra Classic Integrated amp, LampizatOr Pacific DAC and in initial stage we had on hand Nagra Classic DAC, Aurender streamer.

Two systems SQ wise i would pick blindly Stenheim due to much more natural sound, huge stage, bloom, decay and being detailed but not on the too much side of detailed. It just sounded extremely musical and making you immerse into music.
CH/Magico wise for me it was completely OK but not engaging on the level of Stenheim. Putting the price tag behind it would be a total no brainer.
Chris can give more of his impressions on Magico/CH system but for him it was the best encounter with Magico so far.
Also he saw the potential in CH SS amps and he’ll even try one (A1.5) which considering he’s a hard core tube guy is a statement which speaks about CH.
Hospitality at both places was amazing and i really love those guys there - thank you Florian and Jean-Pascal (Christian).

At Stenheim we also started the small USB cable clash with three different ones we had on hand - Cardas (some top model), WireWorld Platinum Silverlight and small boutique Serbian company FTA (Final Touch Audio) and this mini clash was done in literally 5 min and I’ll quote Chris “put the FTA back as those other two are just unlistenable”.
Not to forget Nagra Classic DAC vs LampizatOr Pacific almost same conclusion as previous - Pacific is just from the another planet.

Few pictures following...


September 9, 2018, 11:22 AM

September 9, 2018, 12:26 PM
Wow. So you spent some time in paradise! Great report - thank you for sharing.

September 9, 2018, 12:58 PM
Thanks for the great pictures and opinion.

I see at CH the new Gobel Aeon Reference was sitting behind the Magico. Wish they would have demoed that for you for a comparison to the Magico. Very different speakers, very different presentations as well as price points.

I am using the CH M1 with the new Gobel Aeon Fine, the smaller version of the Reference that was in the background in your picture and loving it. The Stenheim's are obviously at a different price point with much different electronics than what you listened to the Magicos with but I too prefer the Stenheims, all other things being equal.

My short list of speakers for consideration would be Stenheims and Von Schweikert in addition to the Gobels I recently purchased. I am not a Magico fan (previous owner of Q1 with Constellation) but understand why people gravitate to them versus other choices.

All the stuff you got to see are truly masterpieces of design and form. It's really nice to see such amazing ergonomics with this stuff.

Incidentally, few were as hardcore tube guys as me. To me SS just never compared. Well, that went out the window, when I helped my buddy choose what equipment to use in his new USA distributorship of Gobel. Listened to lots of SS and was truly impressed with how far along SS came since my first experience with the original Constellation stereo amp. While we chose the CH, the other SS equipment we listened to were extremely good. My future plans include trying to biamp with another M1.

Audiophile heaven. Looking forward to more of your report.

September 10, 2018, 10:59 AM
Did u guys listen to DART 458's when u did these comparisons? Boulder?

September 10, 2018, 12:01 PM
Did u guys listen to DART 458's when u did these comparisons? Boulder?
Can't really compare in CH Precision HQ demo room Dart 458s :happy: just different speakers they have on hand. At Stenheim it was Nagra driving them, but last time i heard Alumine 5 with Dart integrated and it was fantastic. If I'm not mistaken Wisnon heard at Jean Pascal home big Stenheim Statement speakers with 458s. Boulder not really in the picture under the Alps :)