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June 28, 2018, 01:45 AM
I recently acquired Ansuzís take on mechanical grounding, their flagship the Darkz DTC.

Ansuz Acoustics, a company I was not familiar with all that long ago, now is becoming a fixed staple in my setup sharing the pedestal with Nordostís Reference and QRT products. Breaking the mindset of the single brand loom, the match between these two brands is phenomenal!

With much debate, I held tight on whether to replace the spikes on my Wilson Alexiaís with Stillpoint 5ís and not because Stillpoints donít make great products, I own several but just wanted to stay OEM.

So tonight holding a few options in the ďhow to improve my system with what I have mindsetĒ, I decided to shake things up and revisit the spikes by repurposing the Darkz DTC used to float my DAC and Aurender placing them under my speakers. I placed the Stillpoints Ultra SS under the DAC and Aurender for the time being.

This 30 minute job completely changed the sound emitting from the speakers and I am not believing what is protruding from the same system; these mechanical devices are making everything sound more open and natural, the dynamic range is better defined with a tighter punch.

I love most music, and demoed a few tunes before calling it a night.

Symphony for The Devil - Rolling Stones FLAC 24/192

The master recording isnít one of the best, but I know what I am looking for so it serves its purpose.

Opening chatter is clear, congoís very defined from the right speaker and the piano weighted as it decays

Jagger is front and center, piano right, bass left

After a ďoh yeah, get down heavyĒ, Keith rips out one of the most memorable chops in classic rock, one your strumming air guitar to.

Next up, country legend, Willie Nelson, playing Good Times 16/44

Great song about life and a very good recording. Willie is front and center with his voice perfectly weighted. His acoustic guitar plays with a purpose as the sound from the plucking of the strings being played brings on that cool liquid feel. The bass has a nice rounded defined low, in step.

Leonard Cohen - You Want it Darker FLAC 24/44.1

Leonardís last album before his passing. The opening track, You want it Darker is a great track, some perceive it as dark, I believe it and the album is life.

I first heard this in the Nordost room at RMAF, and fell in love with the punch of the bass and his in your face lyrics. Since RMAF, I have duplicated the punchy bass sound, then made a change losing it, got it back, then partially lost it. With the Darkz DTC itís back with full clear slam making it better than previous achievements.

In short, many say mechanical grounding should begin with the speakers, and based on my experience, it worked in my environment. Mechanical coupled with electrical grounding, and power distribution makes big differences and allows the hobbyist options not to go bonkers on components - the Darkz are a recommended buy and also have two lines below the DTC addressing budgets.

Hope this helps someone out there. Happy Listening!

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June 28, 2018, 05:00 AM
I couldn't agree more, these little things makes magic in my system as well. I just described it on a Swedish forum the other day, as I've replaced my whole system recently I just connected everything somewhat temporary without paying attention to the Darkz. It's difficult to describe in words I think, but when I finally put the Darkz in it was like everything fell into place again. The bass and the punchiness as you're describing, everything is just more clear, spot on and relaxed. I only got Diamonds under my speakers unfortunately, but the rest is D-TC.

June 28, 2018, 06:02 AM
I heard the same thing after demoing the D2.1's with and without the optional diamond feet. I'm thankful the feet are interchangeable between the D2.1 and the D3.1's.

May 31, 2020, 03:40 AM
Did you find equipments under which the Darkz D-TC misbehave? They don't seem to mate well with my tX-USBultra... I'm losing significant bass and mid-bass!