Which amp for my new set up? Which amp for my new set up?
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    Which amp for my new set up?

    Hi everyone! I’ m totally new to this forum, so, to begin with, let me introduce myself. My name is Costas and many years ago I used to collect vinyl records. At some point I had to make a renovation in my house and unfortunately I had to sell both my equipment and some of my rarest records. After 15+ years of listening to music from crappy to mediocre sound sources, I decided to set up a decent, TT based, HiFi system.
    Few months ago I started an online research and at the same time I visited some friends who have spectacular pieces of equipment in order to understand what kind of sound attracts me the most nowadays.Concerning the turntable, the decision was easy. I bought a used Technics SL1210 mk2 with an MC cartidge (AT3100)on it. Μy main concern is that I’m extremely confused about the amp.

    In the beginning of my research I had the opportunity to listen the Yamaha a-s1100 which, as you already probably know,
    produces neutral sound. Some people say that the sound of the a-s1100 is close to yamaha ca 2010, the legendary amp of the late 70’s. I‘ve never had the opportunity to listen the ca2010 so I don’t have a clear picture for this comparison. The pros of the a-s1100 are that it has plenty of power (I don’t really care about that) and also it has crystal clear sound. From the other side, the cons are that I don’t really like this cold, almost flawless and “perfect”neutral sound. It sounds so analytic that it tends to be fake and flat, without character. And that's where my first Sansui experience begun.

    I listen to
    the Au-5900 and I really liked it. Unlike the a-s1100, this amp had warm and some kind of 3D sound. Also the bass was more deep and the mids were more shinny. From the other hand,I didn’t like the “s” in vocals (very intense) and also I felt like there was a “flanger” effect in the overall sound.It was like the signal was a little bit “wet”, I don’t know howto describe it. Also clarity could be better. Nevertheless,I was impressed with this kind of sound and I begun a new research based on mid 70’s to early 80’s amps.From what I’ve read and what I’ve learned, I’m probably between Sansui au-9900,au-717, au-919 and the Rotel RA 1412 but,as I said I’m confused and I want your help. I would appreciate if you could answer to the following questions:

    Ideally,I would like a Sansui or Rotel mode lthat combines warm and “fat” (with deep bass) sound and at the same time clear (but not fake crystal clear),separated sound. Something like an Au-5900 and Yamaha a-s1100 combination. Which of the 9900, 717, 919 has this kind of sound?
    2. I would like
    to add an external phono preamp in this chain. My budget for that is max 400euros (435$). So I end up with Pro-Ject Audio Tube Box S2. Will it fit nice with one of these amps?3. Concerning the speakers,during the first period of my research I was thinking about the Magnat Tempus 77 that they have impressive specs for the price, but lately I was decided to step up and buy the klipsch rp-8000f. I read that Klipsch speakers and vintage amps is a good combination for the people that like crisp mids, deep bass and instrument separation. What is your opinion on these?

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    Re: Which amp for my new set up?

    Welcome to the forum
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