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Thread: HDMI Cables

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    HDMI Cables

    Is it worth upgrading the HDMI cable from the cable box to the TV?

    If so, any recommendations?

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    Re: HDMI Cables

    Quote Originally Posted by mauidan View Post
    Is it worth upgrading the HDMI cable from the cable box to the TV?

    If so, any recommendations?
    It depends on the set and also its age. The other factor is if you view any 4K video. I am still using Monoprice cables with great success!
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    Re: HDMI Cables

    The cable TV box will likely not pass 4k. Thats why what you have been using still works. You can always get a new HDMI premium cable from monoprice that will be good for 4k if you ever need it. Fairly inexpensive and good quality (as you already know)

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    Re: HDMI Cables

    It's been my experience that HDMI cables matter as much as any other. Even where I didn't think it mattered like with kids TV or game consoles the cheap ones are not reliable. And way back when I bought my Marantz, out of the box it didn't sound like it did in the store set up, avoiding the whole story, bottomline a quality HDMI fixed the issue.

    I use Tributaries for HDMI which is a nice price point, I think I paid like $30 or $35.00 for my 4k version. Which for some reason is cheaper than the prior versions I'm using in the 1080p set up. I've never had one go bad.

    As a side note, I think my longest run is only 2 meters.
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    Re: HDMI Cables

    Yes, it was very obvious on HDMI upgraded cable. I’m running 3 Pioneer Elite Plasma that must be 10-12 years old and after power, cables and grounding look simply amazing

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    Re: HDMI Cables

    What material is the HDMI cable made of? If it is fiber material, the price will be more expensive, but the picture will be clearer.

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    Re: HDMI Cables

    Quote Originally Posted by mauidan View Post
    Is it worth upgrading the HDMI cable from the cable box to the TV?

    If so, any recommendations?
    All you need ...

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    Re: HDMI Cables

    I tend to agree. Spent a small fortune on high-end HDMI, and I can't say I see the difference.

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    HDMI Cables

    A few months ago I upgraded to a 4K projector.

    I upgraded my short HDMI cables to 4K monoprice cables.

    But I had an older and long in-wall cable (25 feet long also from Monoprice) that I was not sure would pass 4K.

    Much to my surprise (and delight), that older cable worked with 4K so I did not have to replace it.

    Before buying new cables, test to see if your existing HDMI cables work. The new cables are tested to make sure that they meet the newest standards, but old cables may still work depending on built quality.

    Keep in mind that HDMI cables either work or they don’t. If they cannot pass the 4K signal you will get artifacts, freeze, or blackouts. So if none of that is happening, rather than buying expensive cables, spend your money on professional calibration of your displays. That would be money well spent.

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HDMI Cables

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