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What’s interesting is that John from Audio Connection called Richard about my room and thought I should consider getting the system nine subs but Richard said the granite bases are more important. During the installation Richard called John and asked how things were going. It is great to work with a small company like Vandersteen.
You made the right choice getting the integral granite bases. They do a great job of adding mass to the speaker cabinets and reducing resonance.

Handing off the lowest bass from dual opposing 12 inch aluminum cone subwoofers in a push-pull configuration (a brilliant design) to a single 13 inch paper/rohacell/paper sandwich cone subwoofer does not appeal to me either logically or sonically. I’ve listened to the Sub 9’s many times and in my opinion, the dual 12 inch internal subwoofers have better articulation and lower distortion.

Richard is really hands on and engaged with the customer. He was on the telephone with my dealer’s technician when he rebiased my M7-HPA monoblocks. He also followed up with me to ensure that I was satisfied with the change.