Ahh... Now I remember why I loved these old Raytheon/Baldwin 6SN7GTB's so much.

Not only do these tubes look like they just came out of the factory, they are also quieter than the stock JJ tubes. The JJ's offered up just the slightest bit of hiss with my ear up to the tweeter. These Raytheon's produce even less!

Where the JJ's have just a touch of bite to vocals and the treble, the Raytheon's completely polish that bite out. The highest treble extremes might be pulled back just a touch, but still well extended and accounted for. Bass still extends all the way down, yet has slightly softer edges to it now, but still punches easily.

However, these tubes being probably 60+ years old are still brand new with maybe a few hours on them at most by now, so they should settle in a bit more before it's all said and done. Right now though, they are giving me that ever satisfying "tube" sound.