I just wanted to comment that Kevin once told me that his components are meant to be cherished for a lifetime and handed down for generations. Hey I get it that we all like to keep pace and keep upgrading as new and better units are developed. EVERYTHING in my system had been upgraded EXCEPT my VAC components, well i still have my CEC TL1x transport too but only because I moved on to an Arender streamer now. I've owned them for 23 years now. My VAC Cla1 Mk III pre amp was updated by Brent at VAC in Oct 2022. My VAC Renaissance 70/70 is in Sarasota now getting the Signature upgrade. I'm sure everything from VAC has superseded my components but they still bring me joy and just sound like "you are there" still to this day. Rest assured if you own VAC it is and always will be very fine audio equipment. Enjoy your VAC no matter what level or age it is!