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They are right around the corner from me. They switched from Accuphase to T+A. Guess they can only support 1 Authentic High End Amp brand at a time You would pass right by the place if you weren't looking for it because the sign is about as large as a small street sign plastered to the side of the building. It's in a shopping mall that runs parallel to a Ancient Train station in New Hope, PA which is an artist colony of sorts. There is a very large sign at the entrance of the shopping mall which lists the stores/places to eat etc...that store isn't even listed. I bet the foot traffic is just above Zero as the town its in is basically only "alive" 8 days a month on the weekends. They should run the business out of a house and save the rent money which I am sure is quite a bit.
I visited them when they first opened up. They had lots of gear and cables then.

I am in Southampton, 20 minutes your neighbor. I would love to hear your system sometime.