T+A MP3100HV Review in Stereophile T+A MP3100HV Review in Stereophile
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    T+A MP3100HV Review in Stereophile

    Iím looking forward to reading this!

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    Re: T+A MP3100HV Review in Stereophile

    Quite happy with mine. I do think they should've used the PA3100HV for the review.. I would guess most of the units are sold as a pair...
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    Re: T+A MP3100HV Review in Stereophile

    I was happy to see the cover of this months Stereophile. I believe T+A should get a ton more press, reviews, and mentions throughout the audio world. One of the premier brands that has low brand recognition in the US.

    I would love to see reviews of some their lower models also. Jon Iverson did an excellent review of the DAC 8 DSD and then the said crappy rep got it kicked off the recommended components list. Stereophile finally realized what happened and put it back on the list as an A+ rated component. I know the theory on flagship selling but sometimes potential customers want to know that the company also offers components that more buyers might actually be able to afford and shares the same top notch quality and performance as the flagships.

    The last time my wife and I hosted a club meeting Jon was pointing out the T+A to his girlfriend. He told her it was one of the best DACs he had ever heard! He mentioned that he had never seen the matching amplifier but was very impressed with it.
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