Most subwoofers on the market are square boxes, with one or two woofers facing outward and with an open or closed enclosure. Occasionally you will also find one with a driver that is aimed at the floor. The PC-2000 Pro, however, is something completely different.

]It presents itself as a large, anonymous cylinder, just over 86 cm high. That seems like a lot, but because the footprint has a diameter of 42 cm, the visual impact is not too bad. Apart from the acoustic benefits of this shape, the PC-2000 Pro is all about that (relatively) inconspicuous profile.

You can put this SVS in places where a classic sub might not fit because you can use it in an open or closed mode. This makes the PC-2000 Pro perhaps an attractive option for music lovers who want to take the step to 2.1. SVS pc 2000 pro review