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    Omnis, open baffles, dipoles, what is your favorite (still made)?

    I suspect there are qualities you can't get in sealed/ported designs. 40+ years ago I replaced Ls3/5as by Dahlquest DQ 10s (1st open baffle?) which had amazing openness. Also liked Ohms. I still have Mirage M3si (bipoles) but they are OLD. What are people's favorite's currently made? Ideally 5K or less, no more than $10k (no space pods for me). Dynamic only.

    Hate bright/analytic/electrostatics. Prefer sweet spots that are not 3" wide (the mirages you can walk around the room).

    Ones I'm aware of:

    Spatial audio
    Tri art (ugly!)
    OPen baffle kit (forget manufacturer)
    Linkwitz (no longer available I guess)

    Shahnian (more expensive version of 901s?)

    Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Omnis, open baffles, dipoles, what is your favorite (still made)?

    These look awesome with many price points.

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    Re: Omnis, open baffles, dipoles, what is your favorite (still made)?

    I own a pair of Spatial's and that would be my choice it just comes down to whether you want the models with or without the powered bass driver. You also have Pure Audio Project which is quite popular just require some minor assembly. Linear Tube Audio in the DC area has Spatial's at their facility that you could probably demo as they are Clayton's primary partner at shows.
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    Re: Omnis, open baffles, dipoles, what is your favorite (still made)?

    Pure Audio Project and Spatial are terrific for the money.


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    Re: Omnis, open baffles, dipoles, what is your favorite (still made)?

    If I had a spare 5 grand to spend, I'd order a pair of Spatial Audio Sapphire M3s right now...

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    Re: Omnis, open baffles, dipoles, what is your favorite (still made)?

    I have owned many types of speakers over the course of time, the typical monkey coffin/box type speaker, planar/panels, and quite a few Omni/Omni-type speakers. For the last ten years, Omni has been my choice, currently living with a pair of Duevel Venus, which I have owned going on three years now.

    I personally can live with most any type of speaker really, as they all have their pros and cons, it just so happens, the Omni to my ears just present music in a more natural way. Note that not every Omni may be good though! I have owned Ohms, Larsen, Shahinianas as far as omni’s go, and they all have been very fun, very enjoyable in their own way. The Larsen being the one I lived with for the longest, the Model 4, for a bit over five years, and the cheapest of the bunch.

    At this stage of the game, it would be hard for me to change course away from omnis, or my Duevel Venus, I find them quite wonderful transducers, and play so well in my smaller apartment space.

    I do think omnis kind of a get a general bad rap overall, not as many brands or models of course, so the usual hyped up reviews are not prevalent, so they tend to be ignored, or not known at all. Plus, coming from a “normal”, forward firing speaker, an Omni typically will sound quite weird to many, it does take some time and patience to become accustomed to the presentation, and I think most give up before that happens. Also, most assume they are a plonk-down anywhere type of speaker, and they will sound good. Well, maybe they are or can be, a bit less picky about placement, but like anything, time spent dialing them in pays rewards, like any good system can.

    Anyway, I blather on, give them a try, spend time with them, you might find them to your liking and really enjoy what they can bring to your musical enjoyment!

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    Re: Omnis, open baffles, dipoles, what is your favorite (still made)?

    Quote Originally Posted by joeinid View Post
    These look awesome with many price points.

    Home, Open Baffle Speakers - PureAudioProject
    The PAPs are quite good, I've heard the aforementioned competitors and the PAP always stood out. This model looks interesting for those with space limitations:
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Omnis, open baffles, dipoles, what is your favorite (still made)?

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