Just added a second SG hub for the Constellation Inspiration integrated amp.

So, currently, there's a hub dedicated solely to the Lumin streaming/DAC/preamp "front end" and now, an SG hub for EACH channel of the Constellation Inspiration integrated amp. I should add that the Constellation is fully-dual mono internally, so this the type of component that can benefit from an Altaira SG hub for each channel, L and R. You can see the two hubs on top of the Lumin P1, the bottom SG hub is for the R channel of the Constellation, and the top Altaira is for the P1 (and Lumin U2, which is in for review). The L channel for the Constellation is resting on top of the Constellation, itself. I simply did not have the height between shelves to put the other SG hub on top of the L channel Altaira.

All I can say is....F*CK ME!!!

Holy smokes! I implemented this more "fully-segmented" set-up a couple days ago and it has been getting better and better as it settles fully, but EVERYTHING is better: tonality, rendition of timbre, bass, "power and weight" (what I call "gravitas"), instrument and vocal body, plus the soundstage is wider, deeper, taller and yet more refined and the individual instruments are more focused and 3-dimensional within the soundtage. Whatever "attributes" audiophiles care about...is BETTER.

Actually, I am still trying to wrap my head around the nature and scale of the improvement.

Given his experience with the Altaira system, I am confident Mike is well-familiar with this "phenomenon", but bottom-line: if you have fully dual-mono components e.g. Constellation, Esoteric, etc., and have the budget, all I can say is: You GOTTA try this out. Put a "dedicated" SG Altaira hub onto each channel, Left and Right, of your dual-mono gear.