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    Question Denali V2 v Everest with Band-Aid

    I've asked Shunyata but, as yet, they have not responded. So, I thought I'd throw this out.

    I have a Berkeley DAC plugged into a Denali V2 with a Sigma V2NR PC. It is too far away from the Everest and I can't move my equipment around for numerous reasons. Hence, option #1 is to leave it as is. Option #2 is to buy the Shunyata extension cord, plug the Sigma into that as use the Everest. I'd have to use at least a 2.5 meter extension cord to do this.

    While the extension isn't a Sigma V2 NR, the Sigma would still be between the extension cord and the Berkeley, so I don't see why I wouldn't still get the benefit of the Sigma.

    I'm very happy with what I have now. But a voice keeps nagging at me that, even with a lesser PC added to the chain, using the Everest would more than offset that drawback.

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    Re: Denali V2 v Everest with Band-Aid

    It would certainly be possible to order a Sigma V2 NR in the required length, but it would be pricey. I am not even remotely qualified to give an authoritative opinion, but I would guess that using an Alpha V2 NR in the needed length (particularly for a DAC, which is not a high-current device) would sound better that using the Sigma with an extension cord. The noise reduction module is the same in both, I believe. That would make the cord more affordable. (I just checked an online retailer, & a 4.5 meter Alpha V2 NR is under $3,000 US – less than the cost of the standard-length Sigma V2 NR.) That is the approach I took for my phono stage, which required a 3.5 meter cord to reach my power conditioner: I went with the Delta because at the time I didn't want to shell out for the Alpha at that length...)

    It's also my guess that an Alpha V2 NR into the Everest would sound better than the Sigma V2 NR into the Denali V2. (For all the reasons that the Everest is better than the Denali...)
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Denali V2 v Everest with Band-Aid

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