Hi Caelin,

Just got my Keces P3 today for powering my SOtM UltraNeo. I like to keep external power supplies away from high-bandwidth components like streamers, so I put the Keces on the bottom shelf of the rack on top of my Triton V1.

Any issues with this? The Keces P3 has a 3mm thick aluminum chassis on all six sides specifically to keep EMI from its toroidal transformer from getting out, and you already know how well shielded the Triton is, so I thought it would be okay, but I just wanted to check.

BTW, I am powering the Keces with a spare Shunyata Diamondback I had on hand plugged into the Triton.

Stephen aka the 'ole snaggle-toothed, gamy-legged Puma Cat