Hey Charles, the STP-SE is a fantastic and flexible pre-amp in its price range. The Stage 2 is incredible and an amazing step up, true world class in every way.

I had a set of M700's and I thought they were darn good. Great value for sure! They never gave me the warm and fuzzy feeling, which I have no reason for because they were very good amplifiers! If I could step back in time I might consider actually keeping those amps.

The Audio Mirrors are really amazing amps. I just think that tubes are not my cup of tea. I think someone who is deep into vinyl or maybe has an absolute love affair with acoustic music then these may very well be the ideal amplifiers.

I am really starting to love the sound of my T+A amp. I think I may finally be getting over the fact that it is so small as amplifiers go and realize that it is pretty dam amazing and demonstrates how good T+A really is!

It is kind of nice being able to switch back and forth for now. There are times that I simply want to listen to the Audio Mirror, but more often then not I prefer the convenience of the T+A amplifier.