I have just bought a Darbee Darblet to go with my Oppo BDP-95 and DVDO Iscan VP50pro. It cost $350 Canadian (about $300 US) and yes, I could have bought the 103D for just a bit more but I like the audio from my BDP-95. Plus I can use it for Satellite TV and Laser Disc as well. I am using it with a Mitsubishi HC5 front projector onto a 92" screen.

I like the extra depth (almost 3D like), apparent sharper focus and increased detail that I see from each source. The better the picture to begin with, the better it seems to work. I am still tweeking it, though, as it is very easy to over do it and get an unnatural looking picture. I am sure the improvement would be the same for the 103D over the 103. It would definitely be worth the little bit extra to get the darbee version.