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    Re: Boardwalk Empire – A real life connection

    Very cool Brian. Those are some great photos.

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    Re: Boardwalk Empire – A real life connection

    Latest Update-

    The Atlantic City Experience Exhibit at the Boardwalk Hall is almost ready to open. Hopefully within the next few months. Since the original AC Museum was wiped out in one of the storms a few years ago, they were unable to fund a separate location so decided to create a permanent exhibit inside of the Boardwalk Hall. There will be several showcase including one for the 500 Club and one for the Working Class.

    We sent our original out to be copied and sized for the exhibit, and just last week returned the consent form for use.

    In a few short months, Uncle Don will be on display doing Jane Mansfield's Hair/Wig for the world to see. (the pic is on the last page at the bottom)

    Once the Hall is fully open, we will plan a trip to see it. We also plan to take some pics of the display and specifically out photo, and send it to Mariska to let her know what we have done with the pics.

    I guess my next update will be when the Hall is fully open and the exhibit is complete. Then we wait for Scott to complete the writing of his movie about the 500 Club and hopefully still including a character portraying Uncle Don.


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