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[…] On the issue of the Playback MPs-5 this is unquestionably the most musical CD/SACD player I ever owned/tried in my system. Very refined, dimensional and most of all musical. Replaced a Burmester 089 and never looked back. I have the limited edition which is grey in color incorporating some of the tech that made its way to the newer player the MPS-8, which I hear that is again better than the MPS-5.
Hope that this helps.

Hello again Tim,

Thanks so much for your thoughts on the Playback Designs MPS-5 SACD Player and DAC. High praise indeed not to look back from a Top Line series Burmester 089 CD player. The qualities you speak of; refinement, dimensionality and musicality are exactly what I’m after.

With Esoteric's future being clouded by the bankruptcy of Gibson a replacement CDP will likely see me change brand.