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    Re: CES Photo Slideshow - Day 2

    Quote Originally Posted by veindoc View Post
    I listened to them and politely disagree that looks or technical papers as opposed to my ears is best to make a critical eval. of any speaker design. I also think BTW there is a downfiring woofer u can"t see. Sound was like a real bass not a HT subwoofer which is too inflated for music listening. Now r they worth the price-I don't know as everyone has a different budget. Can u get more PRAT from other fine speakers YES. But these had a natural wide holographic soundstage.

    Nick, I believe that we're talking about different speakers.

    The ones I was referring to are these (CBT36s):

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    Re: CES Photo Slideshow - Day 2

    Quote Originally Posted by wisnon View Post

    Big pedigree there! They are the ones who put on the Montreux show and the original designers are ex-Goldmund (now Devialet), the Management is ex-Nagra and other elite names. They have a big reputation and ally with manufacture-Le-Son. I know the owner…nice guy!
    And all that (Nagra) Jazz | Stereophile.com

    Press Release

    New impetus
    for the Swiss loudspeaker maker Stenheim

    trade show, Munich, 9th May 2013 – Founded in 2010, Stenheim
    immediately found its

    place amongst
    the leaders of the Swiss hi-­‐fi industry. This came as no surprise
    as the company’s

    creators, a
    team of five young engineers, had worked together for several years
    at one of the world’s

    most renowned
    loudspeaker makers, the famous Goldmund company, before setting out on
    their own.

    Wishing to
    strengthen the commercial capabilities at the head of their company,
    they went looking for

    someone who
    could take it over and give their promising start-­‐up a new

    The five
    founders, Jean-­‐Loup Afresne, Antoine Petroff, Maxime Perrin, Sebastien
    Benz and David Jilli,

    would like to
    take the opportunity provided by the High End trade show in Munich
    to announce the

    changes which
    have just taken place. From now on it is Jean-­‐Pascal Panchard who
    will take over the

    running of the
    company, though they will continue to provide their expertise to it.

    Panchard is also a fully qualified HES electronic engineer and a
    holder of an Executive MBA,

    but he has in
    addition a solid experience in both marketing and business
    development. He has worked in

    the electronics
    industry for many years and developed all sorts of activities in the
    area of high-­‐end audio.

    He has notably
    founded and run a business in this industry for 10 years, looked
    after a club for hi-­‐fi

    enthusiasts for
    15 years and worked for 5 years for the prestigious brand NAGRA,
    including one year as

    director of the
    High End department. Jean-­‐Pascal will be assisted by Lucas Perrin,
    a young EPFL electronic

    engineer who
    was experience as a sound engineer and who has already worked with
    Stenheim in the



    The founding
    spirit, which gave birth to Stenheim will be totally preserved and
    even strengthened. The

    idea is to
    keep the original and extremely rigorous approach to developing

    loudspeakers are in fact made out of solid aluminium and the care
    that goes into their fine

    tuning is
    worthy of a Swiss watchmaker, such is the remarkable precision
    achieved in audio reproduction.

    One of their
    chief characteristics is the great stability, which is provided by
    the case, as aluminium is

    highly stable, and their total respect for the phase. Put together,
    these two qualities allow

    them to produce
    a highly realistic three-­‐dimensional soundstage. The brand has also
    become a specialist

    in custom
    finishes. According to the buyer’s wishes, it is quite capable of
    supplying models polished to a

    mirror finish,
    lacquered like a piano in any colour you like, or even covered in
    precious wood or ostrich


    Stenheim will
    continue to produce the highly successful Alumine range and the bass
    unit, which can be

    used with
    these compact models. An entirely new product line, called
    Reference, is already being

    developed and
    will be presented in 2014.

    Jean-­‐Pascal Panchard, tel. +41 79 220 02 22, jpp@stenheim.com

    STENHEIM, Centre
    du Parc, Rue Marconi 19, 1920 Martigny,

    info@stenheim.com, www.stenheim.com

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    Re: CES Photo Slideshow - Day 2

    Quote Originally Posted by NorthStar View Post
    Nick, I believe that we're talking about different speakers.

    The ones I was referring to are these (CBT36s):

    Agreed as I thought u were referring to Zellaton Ref. Thnx for clarification.

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