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    Re: Thinking to replace my phono

    Quote Originally Posted by UltraFast69 View Post
    You will be slightly exceeding your top end of budget, but you mentioned Brinkmann, and I would start that there with their Roont power supply.

    IMO the Brinkmann combo is tough to beat.

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    This was my first instinct, i will try to audtion the Edison in my system and see how it preforms.
    Thanks for replying

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    Re: Thinking to replace my phono

    Quote Originally Posted by exupgh12 View Post
    Hi All,

    I was wondering, what are the benefits I can get by replacing the phono stage with a more expensive one, say - 8K$-11K$?
    My current analog setup made from Brinkmann Bardo turntable & 10.5 arm, Miyajima-Laboratory Kansui cartridge, Zesto Andros PS phono. The above setup connects to Luxman C\M900u pre+amp and Magico S3mk2 speakers.

    Any thought or knowledge is welcome.

    My top contenders would be in no particular order

    Merrill Jens Phono Stage
    Van den Hul the Grail SB
    Pass Labs XP-27
    Pre amp: Ocatve Phono Module Power amps: Octave MRE130 Turntable: SAC Girati Grande. Tonearm: Dynavector 507mkII Cartridge: Dynavector Ikeda 9TT Streamer: Aurender A10 Power Distributor: Anzus Mains D8 Speakers: Raidho X-3 Speaker Cables: AudioQuest Rocket 88 XLR Interlink: Ansuz A2, XLR Interlink: Purist Audio Design - Venustas Phono interlink: Cammino Serie 1.0 - PH 1.0s Power cables: Anzus Mains Ceramic, two Pom, Aluminium, X series Audio Rack: Rack of Silence 4 and 2.


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