Sound Clips Out While Watching Cable TV
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    Sound Clips Out While Watching Cable TV

    I have a 7.1 home theater system with television service provided by Spectrum Cable, using an ARRIS DCX3600-M set-top cable box. My problem is the sound clips out for a second on a frequent basis while watching tv. I have switched out HDMI cables, purchased a new Surround Processor, checked all connections, switched out set top box - but I still have the problem.

    I have studied the issue on the internet and it appears the problem is related to the Audio Settings on my set top cable box. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so - how did you resolve?? It's very annoying. The sound just cuts out, then returns. It happens after I change channels, and it can happen at any time. The clipping does not happen when I am watching a Bluray disc, or when I am streaming from Netflix - only when the source is the cable tv signal.

    Ideas, before I cut my cable???

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    Re: Sound Clips Out While Watching Cable TV

    Did you contact your cable company and ask them to check out the problem?
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