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Thread: Bakoon

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    Very interesting amps, that not many know about.

    Designed by Akira Nagai, of Japan, these amps are built around his SATRI circuit which controls the signal through current instead of voltage. He developed this circuit as a unique way of controlling distortion without using negative feedback (and the time delay that comes with negative feedback).

    The amp I demoed, the 13r, is 25 watts/channel and more than enough to power my Horn speakers. They also make a 50 and 100 watt amp.

    Anyway, though I by no means have listened to a lot of solid state amps, I was quite surprised by the transparency, expansive soundstage, speed, body and beautiful tonality of this amp. It's interesting that I get no listener fatigue even on less than optimal recordings.

    I'm thinking that the low distortion and timing accuracy relieve the constant brain-strain of filtering through the distortion haze of the tube designs I'm used to listening to.
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    Re: Bakoon

    I've been reading a lot of great things about the Bakoon amps. The 13r, I think, is probably the most afordable of their amps. I would absolutely love to hear Bakoon.

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