Enjoying my current set up, but of course, always thinking of upgrades.

I turn 61 next year, and am starting to think of the “final system”, as major upgrades won’t happen after retirement.

We are in our downsize house, and I ended up with a 9.5x14 foot room, with a sloped ceiling. Due to a hallway entry the speaker wall is both a short wall, and there is limited space to move the speakers out.

I have treated the room with 2x floor to ceiling traps, a back wall bass trap, and a ceiling mounted first reflection trap. (GIK staff and products)

I will be keeping the Bricasti M12, but considering speaker and amp upgrades. The MC60 amps hum with my Druids, as they did with my dad’s Klipschorns. I had to turn the gain down, and they lost a lot of luster.

I hope to travel to audition gear at some point. I dont plan to buy this level of gear without hearing.

Smallish speakers, kind of aiming for the foot square size of the Druids. Would not mind Bricasti amp, depending on speakers. Under 20k for speakers.

For music, I like all kinds. Not a lot of classical, but I like guitar, jazz, classic rock, and some electronica/ambient. I also watch TV and BluRay via my speakers. A sub is present now, but probably not in final config.

Thanks for your consideration.