Help with driver/config selection
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    Help with driver/config selection

    Hello everybody,

    I want to build my first DIY speaker set.
    I enjoy recorded music since mid 80s, currently have vintage gear: Tannoy monitors + SS Sansui amp.
    During the last 2 years I've been greatly educating myself about hi end audio and I think I'm getting ready to build some killer speakers!

    Need your help and suggestions which configuration and drivers will be more optimal considering that a) I'm a beginner , b) i have specific audio preferences.

    Here's are the limits , plans and assumptions:

    1. Budget per speaker is $900 = cost of the drivers
    2. Amp will be Nord based on Hypex Ncore. (partially thanks to the thread here on Audioshark). I'm also inspired by uber expensive Kyron Gaia model , which uses this type of amplification.

    3. I want the woofers and mids to be in open baffle.
    4. Looking for: ultra low distortion of any kind: cabinet, cone displacement, crossovers and the best transient response possible - which is associated with moving mass.

    5. Going down to 20Hz would be excellent, but 25-30Hz i think will be enough, since my rooms are approx only 220sqf.

    6. Don't care for great HF extension, 20kHz is all good.
    7. I listen to 40% latin/cuban/jazz, 30% male/female vocals, 20% classic rock and 10% electronic/reggae

    8. Desired qualities of the sound:
    - spaciousness, airyness, lightness
    - quality and control of the bass
    - fast transients
    - "natural" sound
    - not sure about the level of details
    - cohesiveness

    Currently I have a few configurations in mind. Not sure which ones are easier to build in the right way and better for my tastes?

    1) Acoustic Elegance Dipole 15/18 woofer with full range Tang Band W8-1808. I hear both are awesome for OB, esp. these AE...
    Cost per speaker approx 700 usd

    How to cross them?
    - Low pass filter on the woofer and run Tangband open? or
    - cross these two somewhere within 100-250Hz? What type of crossover?

    2) Eminence Alpha 15A with Aurum Cantus G1/G3 ribbon
    Cost 80 usd + 300/215 usd 295 - 380 usd per speaker.
    Both drivers are very efficient at 100dB and Eminence 15A is light comparing to others 15inch woofers. Problem is, how to cross them? at 3000hz? Also, one Alpha 15A in OB will probably go only to 45-50Hz, so I'd need two, in parallel? This combo is similar to OMA Ironic speaker, but it uses much better woofer..

    3) Use either AE or Eminence in OB as a woofer and add a line array in a "semi-resonant tube", like Grandinote speakers. Possible drivers for line array :

    Tang Band W5-2143 5"  43 usd each x10 = 430 usd
    - Dayton audio cf120 4.5 inch. priced 26usd each
    both 90db and about 6 grams of moving mass!

    Can I run such Line array open without a filter or XO and only install lowpass filter on the woofer? Here I worry that if i connect them in parallel impedance will drop to...well for 8 drivers rated 4 ohm = 0.5 ohm. I won't be using SET amp with these, but isn't a problem integrating such LA with 8 ohm woofers? Again, the amp will be class D hypex capable of driving low impedance speakers.

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    Re: Help with driver/config selection

    Welcome to the forum, thank you for joining.

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    Re: Help with driver/config selection

    Welcome to the forum but you may have better luck here-
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    Re: Help with driver/config selection


    There are some pretty good open baffle speakers available pre made, but not for under $2K

    Not sure if you can view this without being a member, but here is a link to a very extensive OB thread at AK

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