Nerdy Jamo Subwoofer SW3 -> S3 design question
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    Nerdy Jamo Subwoofer SW3 -> S3 design question

    I have come across and old Jamo SW3 Sub with two dedicated S3 satellite speakers. I have changed the two bass units (defect foam surround) . I reverse engineered the Sub in order to understand the Isobaric design and found that Jamo has designed the SW3 Sub to be INVERTING. A positive pulse on (+) will make the Sub suck in air meaning that the dedicated S3 speakers MUST (AND IS) connected in reverse (+) to (-). Strange I thought, because if you want to use one AMP output for the Sub and another for the Satellites you need to connect the Satellites in reverse.

    I have attached the schematics of the system (original inverted Jamo design together with my proposal of a non-inverted Sub design).

    Now for the question:
    Can anyone see and 'pros' and 'cons' for the two designs?

    Please note that I will use two Warfedale 9.0 bookshelf speakers together with the Jamo SW3 Sub and I would like to be able use a separate AMP output for the Warfedales. This will eliminate the 72uF bipolar caps in the Sub.

    Thanks for reading - I hope to hear from someone...

    Best regards
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    Re: Nerdy Jamo Subwoofer SW3 -> S3 design question

    Welcome to the forum, thank you for joining.

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