New # 5101 SACD/CD/DAC
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    New # 5101 SACD/CD/DAC

    At Munich Levinson introduced a new SACD/CD player with streaming capability and inputs to the DAC. The MSRP will be $5500.00 USD

    In a discussion on the unit a guy quickly pointed out Levinson neglected to add a volume control to allow the 5101 to act as a preamp for direct to amp connection. That probably would have been a good feature allowing it to mate with the 532h power amp. Then again, maybe they plan to introduce a preamp, we shall see.

    The 5101 is said to be shipping 4th quarter, which is real soon.
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    New # 5101 SACD/CD/DAC

    Nice, I am looking for a good but not crazily priced streaming DAC for the summer house.

    Why not a streaming DAC CD/ SACD player...

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