Constellation Revelation Andromeda Phonostage Review
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    Constellation Revelation Andromeda Phonostage Review

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    Re: Constellation Revelation Andromeda Phonostage Review

    Thanks Mike! Great review.

    I’ve owned the Andromeda for about 9 months now. It’s every bit as good as the reviewer says. I usually try to avoid words like “transformative”, but there is absolutely no doubt it transformed my vinyl listening experience. I still listen to a lot of digital music because there is a lot of music I love that I don’t have on vinyl. But if I have the LP, now I listen to that. I had quit buying vinyl before the Andromeda. Now I’m back to buying 10-20 LP’s per month. But vinyl is once again bringing me tremendous enjoyment, and it’s due to the Andromeda.

    I’m afraid to listen to it with the optional DC power filter. Several people have told me that it makes a not subtle improvement and I’ve been trying to cut down on equipment purchases!
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