A 1953 Nagra II b
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    thumbsup A 1953 Nagra II b


    My name is Jack , and I'm sorry for asking this but I was wondering if this section was the right one in which to promote/talk about this unit I have and that I'm currently trying to sell.
    I confess I kind of wanted to keep it as it's a memento from my family but this period is financially rough for me and the 2b was only taking dust anyway, as I'm unable to repair it (is it even possible at this point?).

    This is the II b

    I was amazed by how little talk there is from everything prior to at least Nagra IV models and so on.
    I'm an hi-fi enthusiast but I'm still far away from having a proper setup as, well, I'm not even sure where I'll be next year tbh
    In the meantime, AMA!
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    Re: A 1953 Nagra II b

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Re: A 1953 Nagra II b

    Jack welcome!

    You have an interesting piece there.

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