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Nope, you want as low an impedance at all frequencies as possible!

I was just reading a small part of the 500 page Motorola paper on cell-phone tower and building AC power & grounding. They wrote about how the wire from the service entrance point to the ground rod system should be a straight as practicable. With only mild curves, because bends act as an inductor and increase impedance at higher frequencies. The problems are not at 50/60Hz, but at higher noise & interference frequencies.

The Safety Ground system and the ground rod system are there for safety. Devices like these decrease the safety of the systems a lot!
Ask them if each unit has a 'UL' sticker?

While they may say that it passed this test or that test, the thing that matters is that there is a sticker on the unit that you purchase.
There was on the units I purchased and put in a few years ago or my Electrician would have refused the job. He also called the company and discussed
the installation method, nature of the devices, etc....before he did the install.