...SVS are very well known for their top notch sub woofers. But I'm just curious if anyone has heard their more recent speaker offerings? I'm especially curious about their top of the line stuff. Do they deliver top of the line performance? Are they competitive with well established audiophile names such as Revel, Sonus Faber, KEF, B&W, Paradigm, Salk, Focal, Dynaudio, Monitor Audio, etc? Or, are they more of a "one trick pony" (albeit a very good one) with their subs? Look, guys, I know the newer SVS speakers may not be in the same class as the speakers mentioned above. But I'm just looking for that one speaker that punches way above it's weight. SVS is known to give a lot of bang for the buck. Maybe it's not a big enough bang? I have quite a bit more money budgeted for speakers anyway and will very likely end up with something from one of the companies mentioned above. I'm just curious about SVS.

As some of you know, I've been away from audiophile quality gear for 40+ years. I had a short stint with (don't laugh) Bose in the '90s. And about 10 years ago I purchased two SVS systems...a 5.1 HT system for downstairs listening and a 7.1 HT system for the upstairs living room.

I recently decided I want to return to two channel, true, high end audio, for music listening. I'll keep my SVS systems for HT. I'm looking to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $12,000 to $20,000 for high end audio listening, give or take a couple thousand, in about a year. I've already started putting money away. I've learned a tremendous amount about high end audio in the last couple of months and look forward to learning much more.

Anyway, SVS have come out with a whole new line of speakers and I'd like to hear opinions on them, especially for audiophile music listening. I know it's difficult to define what a "high end audiophile" system is. But I think most people know what I'm referring to. I've already started to narrow down my amp and speaker considerations. Actually, my SVS systems sound fairly good for music listening but I'm not sure they're in true audiophile territory. They sound great for HT. And their rep for subs is well established. OK. That is all. Thank you.