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    Re: Jim Smith Shoutout

    Quote Originally Posted by NorthStar View Post
    Hi Mr. Jim Smith,

    If someone (me) was to ask you your personal preference between analog and digital music reproduction and listening?

    ...Your brief take in just few lines, or even easier than that: If dropped by a plane on a deserted island; with a turntable or a CD player? ...As the source to go with the rest of the audio gear, of course, and solar panels powered. You could build a room made of drifting and dead wood; some tools are supplied to you for that with the air drop-off, of course.

    Thank you, and best,
    Since I have not encountered a turntable - including ANY of those set up by "experts" - that was properly set-up in dozens of years, I would recommend the best (and affordable) digital for most - if not all - audiophiles.

    That being said, it's only fair to also say that I have not listened to any tts that Mike has set-up.

    Those that come here for a RoomPlay Reference session forget all about whether it's digital or vinyl, because it's about falling into the performance, experiencing the music's immersive and engaging qualities.

    So I would prefer digital on the desert island - if no other reason than I wouldn't be able to get a replacement cartridge or even a stylus - eventually the music would suffer until it no longer was listenable. IMO, of course.
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    Re: Jim Smith Shoutout

    Your answer is very smart; a TT is much harder to set up properly than a CD Player, or a digital music server, and same for an analog open-reel-tape deck.

    Also, like you said...stylus and cartridge replacements.

    My question was for all general audio forums of the Internet. I believe Mike is much more into digital (music servers) than turntables.

    I agree with you that no matter the music source analog and digital are coexistant together in the soul of audiophiles.

    Thank you very much Mr. Smith.

    * P.S. A friend just shared this link to me:
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