6moons audioreviews: Allnic ZL Cable loom

6moons audioreviews: Allnic ZL Cable loom




3 of 4 reviews positive. The 311M amp review - I would not voice the same findings by a wide margin. His speakers are 93dB effeciency and this I believe is the crux of the issue. My speakers are 99dB efficient.

The tonal qualities of tubes also make a world of difference regarding the finesse these amps offer. I am running General Electric Company (GEC/OSRAM) 1931 PX25 and U52. I have been collecting sets of these tubes as they will become the WE of yesteryear. Mine have been asleep for longer than my parents have been alive. They are awakening slowly but in a wonderful and rested mood!

So I see three categories - Speaker design, tubes, and listening preferences. Reviews while informative, may not reflect your preferences. Audition gear before you commit. This hobby reminds me of culinary school. Our systems are an ever evolving recipe, forever refining which for me is intriguing and rewarding.