2 best diy subs to use with this setup
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    Cool 2 best diy subs to use with this setup


    my question is im after buying 2 diy subs
    that will compete with the svs pb16 ultra subwoofer
    i want them to go down to the same low frequency
    for all out bone rattling wall shuddering effect
    and want them to perform as good as the svs pb16 ultra subwoofers

    but i want them at a lot lower price to pay

    what diy subs could i use to do this role

    my setup is emotiva t2 for fronts and rear dutys as well and additional t2s for additional extra rears
    plus using a denon 8500 for reciever
    a emotiva xpa2 gen3 amp and a emotiva a300 to enhance the front speakers
    a oppo 205 4k player
    blue jeans speaker cables
    a emotiva c2 centre speaker

    then i want to use 6 atmos in ceiling speakers

    either from klipsh or montitor audio or kef
    model to be worked out later which to use for the best wide dispersion and sound quality and holographic effect to be detimined

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    Re: 2 best diy subs to use with this setup

    The likelihood of building a sub to compete with the Ultra 16 is highly not likely.

    Rhythmic subs are said to be very good for the money, or, talk to SVS and buy one of their more affordable models.
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