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Chris.......Absolutely the best laptop I have ever owned, and I have owned many through the years. The keyboard is a joy to use. The fingerprint and/or facial recognition security features are superb. The 1TB solid state hard drive is blazing fast. Boot up takes about 8 seconds and shut down the same. The 4K screen is pure joy to view. The laptop's thin design with copper tone edge trim is a thing of beauty. Windows 10 runs smooth as butter and so does all of my installed software. I have no complaints whatsoever. I am super pleased with my HP Spectre X360 15t laptop.

My 10 year old Sony Vaio laptop gained new legs when I installed a Samsung 500GB solid state hard drive in it. The speed bump was very good. I gave the Sony to a friend who lost everything in a house fire last year. I expect it will run smoothly for another 10 years. I fully expect to get a minimum of 10 years service from the new
HP Spectre X360 15t. I am very happy with it.
Thank you Dan. That's good to hear. I got world with my last Win 7 update from Microsoft that Win 7 is no longer going to be supported in a few weeks with updates or support, I knew it was coming but, procrastination took over on buying a new machine. So I will keep my current big desktop rig which has plenty of power for Win 7 for my Photoshop and other photo/video programs and add a new lap top for daily duty.