Hello folks,

Just a few words about this great SUT.
The MC4 replaced the Bob's devices Sky 30 that I used with my Urushi Vermillion.

In my system, with an experienced audiophile friend, we found the MC4 to be much more refined and natural sounding than the Sky 30 Cinemag SUT.
The voices are getting more real, the bass is more defined and goes lower. The treble seems at first less extended than the Sky but after careful listening of multiple recordings, I realized that this is just due to the better bass extension of the EAR.
Overall, this stunning SUT made by EAR made my LP playback more relaxed and at the same time more involving because of its more natural sound.

I am using it into an Halgorythme MM phono stage with NOS Brimar 12AX7 tubes and a NOS CBS 12AU7 output tube.

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