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    Re: PS Audio Direcstream DAC and Snowmass Update

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack View Post
    There is a plug-in board the Bridge II for streaming.

    Currently, the DS DAC cannot do streaming directly. Here are the options...

    1. Install the network "Bridge II" card. Via an Ethernet connection and your home network, you can stream directly to the DS. I use Roon (it is a Roon endpoint), but JRiver or any other streaming software should be able to work.

    2. Attach a computer or other dedicated streamer directly via USB (or other connection if available).

    Now, PS Audio is in the development of a "Bridge III" that will have the streaming software built-in. That way via wireless connection and an app on your phone or tablet the DS DAC is its own streamer and DAC. Not sure when this will be released. Last I heard this may take awhile.

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    Re: PS Audio Direcstream DAC and Snowmass Update

    Although the PS Audio DSD may not be a Ferrari, it is certainly no Fiat. My previous 2 CD players were a Meridian 808.2 and most recently, a AMR CD 77.1. The DSD is just better than either IMHO. Did plenty of a/b listening to arrive at this conclusion. The DSD is more musical, bigger sound stage, more natural. Kudos to Paul and Ted for using a programmable FGA. Brilliant idea.

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    Re: PS Audio Direcstream DAC and Snowmass Update

    Welcome to the forum, thank you for joining.

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