Power Conditioner for VItus SM102?
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    Power Conditioner for VItus SM102?

    I currently run Vitus SL-102 and SM-102 into a pair of Magico S3 Mk1.

    My room has 4 dedicated powerline running into it.. But for the wrong reasons, it's not placed in a location where my SM-102 can reach the 20A lines using the supplied Vitus Andromeda PCs.

    Currently the SM102 are plugged into a "regular" wall outlet which is shared with other outlets in the house. The current draw of the SM102 is such that when my daughter blow dries her hair, the breaker panel "pops". Resulting in me needing a re-set.

    Of course there are two options.

    1) Buying two longer power cords for the SM-102 so that they reach the dedicated 20amp line.

    2) Buying a Power conditioner so that it serves 2 purpose: 1) clean/filter the power into the SM102 and 2) allows the Andromeda PC to plug into the conditioner then into the 20amp line (super expensive power bar)

    I have been loaned an Audience AR6 TSSOX with AU24SE-i powercord to good effect.. But the price is pretty steep..

    Are you guys aware what Vitus amplification uses at shows? Do they use any sort of power conditioner?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Power Conditioner for VItus SM102?

    Welcome to the forum, thank you for joining.

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    Re: Power Conditioner for VItus SM102?

    Hey Chinkwan,

    can't help you with the vitus in specific, but I just got a torus avr20 hooked up. i haven't gotten any listening time on it yet but hope to tonight. will keep this thread in mind as impressions may help you out as well. if you haven't seen this unit before its a 2400kVa isolation transformer from torus (sub brand of piltron) and can deliver 400amps of peak current and 20amps continuously. it also has surge protection features. i'm new to the power conditioner space so not sure what to expect. will let you know it goes