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By the way, I thought the electronics had more to do with soundstage than the speakers. Not speaker placement, just the actual equipment. Right, wrong?
Please read the linked Stereophile article on how stereo soundstage is electronically constructed, it's very comprehensive.
The speakers radiation characteristics/room interaction/your ears position are the dominant factors once the recording is set.
I'm not saying someone with hyper-active imagination can't get electronics to make a mini-monitor/horn have soundstage like an omni MBL in their mind, but outside in the really real world, not happening.
Sterephonic soundstage based on intensity/phase a fairly mature tech at this point, it's creators knew exactly what they were doing.
Playback OTOH, is left to the preferences of the listener. The speaker/room is the overwhelming determinant. If the electronics induce voltage inter-channel differences, then of course they could affect things slightly. The polar response of the speaker isn't one of those things.